Why lease? Is leasing right for me?

Leasing is an alternative that provides many of the same benefits as ownership. Leasing typically provides a lower monthly cost than financing as over the term you are paying for only that portion of the vehicle's life for which you use.  It is like knowing the trade-in value up front, while providing flexibility.  Much like a finance arrangement, the lease can be paid off early, or if you really want to keep it, the vehicle can be purchased at lease-end. Leasing is an ideal way to acquire a new MINI for clients who enjoy and look forward to getting a new car every two or three years.

More than 50% of the MINIs acquired by our clients are under the available lease programs. In fact, rates are typically so favorable, that many of the individuals leasing are our clients that would just write a check for the entire purchase. It's where the saying comes from, "The Smart Money Leases," or "If it appreciates, buy it, and if it depreciates...lease it."

Q. I drive too many miles to lease.

A. This is a real fallacy.  Leases are tailored around the amount of mileage that will be put on the vehicle with the lower mileage drivers paying less than a higher mileage driver since mileage is a factor in determining the value of a used vehicle. With ownership the same case prevails.  The customer trading in a 3-year old car with 30,000 miles will get more than a customer with the identical vehicle with 50,000 miles. In other words, the owner with the higher mileage vehicle will see greater depreciation. In the event an individual's driving habits change, the Lessor will typically provide a mid-lease opportunity to adjust mileage.

Q. Does the lease require a down-payment?

A. While most leases are advertised with a minimal down payment ($2,500 and up), this is a direct reduction to the monthly rental. A down-payment may not be a requirement.  The full price of the vehicle may be capitalized into the lease.  You can even include the state taxes and tag fees if you prefer.

Q. Can I purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease?

A. For those that really love motoring in their MINI and want to keep it longer, at lease-end, it may be purchased. The state of Maryland exempts the vehicle from tax, based upon the Lessee either paying or including state tax in the lease at inception. Most states are similar.

Q. Do I need to carry insurance?

A. Yes, in most cases the Lessee simple transfers their insurance policy the same as if the car was being purchased. The lease requires minimum limits of liability of $100/300,000, Property Damage $50,000, Comprehensive and Collision ($1000 maximum deductible). These limits are not different than what the majority of people already tend to carry.

Q. What about maintenance?

A. It is the same as if the car is purchased. A new MINI includes $0 cost maintenance up to 3 years or 36,000 miles. Extended coverage to 100,000 miles is available as well. 

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